Catskills Camp

Dear Parents!

Despite the current uncertainty and disruption to daily life, we are forging ahead with plans for camp, and operating on the assumption that by the summer things will have returned to normal. We will, of course, monitor the situation closely.

You will be able to register your children for camp beginning on March 25! If, as we get closer to the summer we determine that we are unable to open camp, all deposits will be refunded.

Thank you,
Camp Advisory Committee 



For more than fifty years the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church of New York has been operating a summer camp in Upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains.  Located in a quiet, natural mountain setting approximately two hours north of New York City, the camp has seen more than 3,000 Latvian children pass through its gates.

The camp offers a variety of summer programs for children between the ages of seven (7) and fifteen (15), with special week-long programs available for pre-campers (ages 2 to 6) and senior citizens.

The camp embraces Latvian children, regardless of whether they are members of the New York Latvian Ev. Lut. congregation, another Lutheran congregation elsewhere, or are not members of any church.

Please browse our website.  We believe it answers most questions about the camp and its pursuits. 

We look forward to seeing you at our camp in the Catskills!