Catskills Camp

Before registering, please read this letter about Latvian language at camp.

Dear Parents,

We are writing this letter to provide some brief guidelines that we hope will assist you in choosing the most appropriate camp experience for your child. Please read carefully and adhere to the guidelines; your child will be happiest in the session that is most appropriate for his or her language abilities; you will have peace of mind knowing that your child feels comfortable; and the staff will be able to create the best possible program for each session.

Guidelines for Latvian language weeks: your child understands spoken Latvian, can converse with friends, answer and ask questions. We will help grow each child grow their vocabulary to the best of our abilities, but it is necessary that each child in these sessions possess the fundamentals of spoken Latvian, with Latvian consistently spoken in the home.

“Heritage” /Valodas periods is conducted in English, but children do learn folk songs and dancing, and learn basic vocabulary. The mission of Heritage week is to give each child a better understanding of and respect for their culture.

Please do not assume that a child that does not speak Latvian will learn the language in two weeks if placed in one of the Latvian language sessions. It has been our experience that children in this type of situation feel uncomfortable and do not always enjoy or benefit from their time in camp, and we do not have the training or resources on staff to assist and develop appropriate programs. The one exception is the Ikskisi D week, which is a program designed specifically for kids 2-6 years old who are trying to improve their language skills; they have a Latvian-speaking parent, they understand Latvian, but are resistant to or having trouble mastering the spoken language.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and for your understanding and careful consideration.  If you have questions or concerns specific to your family, please contact the director of the session you are interested in. Questions about camp fees should be directed to Gunta Giga. Wishing you all a sunny summer!

-Nometne administration