Camp Sessions

1. un 2. periods (1st and 2nd sessions)

These sessions are appropriate for Latvian speakers 6 -15 years of age. The program is rich and multifaceted, incorporating sports, singing and musical instruction (including lessons in playing the traditional Latvian instrument, the kokle), folk dancing, "šķēršļu gājieni", arts and crafts, religious study and services, theater, swimming, campfires, dances, and many other activities. The language of the 1st and 2nd sessions is Latvian, children are expected to speak to counselors as well as peers in Latvian at all times. Fluency is required for the 1st session; during the 2nd session more support is offered for Latvian language learners. Camp Director Mara Dajevska can answer any further questions you may have.

Latvian Heritage Camp

This session is intended for children 6-15 years of age who have an interest in Latvian language and culture but do not speak Latvian. Most attendees are of Latvian descent. The program mirrors that of the Latvian language sessions. Campers are introduced to Latvian folk music and dancing, Latvian popular music, etc, but English is spoken during this session. Children will learn some basic Latvian vocabulary. Any questions please email Erika Dajevska, camp director, at lvheritagecamp@gmail.com.

Īkšķīši Camp

The Īkšķīši ("Little Thumbs") program is similar to that of the other camp sessions in its focus on Latvian language and heritage, Christian values and outdoor activities, but in a way that is age-appropriate for the 6-and-under set. Campers are 2 to 6 years of age, and they attend the one-week session with a parent or caregiver. Parents and caregivers participate in all activites and pitch in to organize and lead activities . Īkšķīšu sessions are offered for various levels of Latvian language ability; there are two weeks for those that speak and/or understand Latvian, and a "Heritage" week for non-Latvian speakers. Questions abouĪkšķīši can be directed to Inga Stots McKay.

Latvian language proficiency

Please read the guidelines about Latvian language proficiency so that you can select the session that is most appropriate for your family.