Catskills Camp

What are the "dos" and "don'ts" of camp?

We want every camper to enjoy their experience at camp. In an effort to ensure the experience is safe, fun and fulfilling for everyone, the following list is intended to help parents prepare their camper for the experience: 


  • Bring an instrument – the camp offers opportunities for campers to perform in front of their peers and guests.  It is recommended expensive instruments remain stored in a safe place in the mess hall.
  • Bring sporting equipment – although the camp is fully equipped, most sporting equipment is welcomed.  Make sure the camper’s name appears somewhere on the equipment.
  • Bring a costume or props – there is ample opportunity to get dressed up to perform in camp plays, impromptu ensembles by the campfire or other camp productions. 
  • Come visit your camper on the weekends.  Weekends see an influx of visiting parents and campers typically welcome a change from the camp routine



  • Bring your pet (pets are not allowed in the camp during normal operations).  They must remain in the campground or off-campus.
  • Bring video games, hand held electronics, iPods
  • Candy or food (no food is permitted in cabins for health reasons and to deter black bears, racoons and other wildlife from joining our campers uninvited)
  • Bring soda or other sugar-based drink mixes
  • Plan to join your camper during normal camping activities – unsolicited parent involvement is a distraction and interferes with the camp program
  • Bring firearms, fireworks, fire starters or for that matter anything with the word “fire” in the name.
  • Bring or consume alcohol on camp property (along with any and all illegal substances…)