Before registering, please read this letter about Latvian language at camp.

Please read this page carefully and adhere to the guidelines; your child will be happiest in the session that is most appropriate for his or her language abilities; you will have peace of mind knowing that your child feels comfortable; and the staff will be able to create the best possible program for each session.

1. periods and Ikšķīši A: All programs and activities are conducted in Latvian, and Latvian language proficiecy is required. 1. periods is most approriate for childen who:

2. periods and Ikšķīši B: All programs and activities are conducted in Latvian. 2. period programs and activites will be designed to support Latvian language learners. 2. periods is most approriate for childen who are attending 1. periods, as well as those who:

Latvian Heritage Camp and Heritage Īkšķīši: Programs and activities are conducted in English

Heritage Camp is conducted in English, but children learn folk songs, folk dancing, and basic vocabulary. The mission of Heritage week is to give each child a better understanding of and respect for their culture.

Thank you for your understanding and careful consideration. If you have questions or concerns specific to your family, please contact the director of the session you are interested in.

REGISTER FOR CAMP (starting on March 20, 2024)